The weather is generally quite warm during the day and cools off significantly at night. The temperature ranges from 50 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You do run into some colder days in early June and late August to September.

It’s best to dress in LAYERS. A quality jacket and pants/bibs with a high waterproof rating like Gore-Tex is highly recommended if not mandatory. If you have a layer of lightweight long underwear and a warm fleece over it that will keep you toasty during cooler weather. Quick drying fabrics are great for shirts and pants, there are many brands out there such as Columbia who offer these. Waterproof boots will be needed in the rain.

***Due to safety and cargo space, please limit your belongings to our 30 pound checked bag(s) and 13 pound carry on allowance. Combined total of 43 pounds.***

  • High-Quality Rain Gear: Invest in superior-grade rain gear beyond just a jacket. Waterproof pants, footwear, hats, and gloves are essential to combat heavy downpours during activities like hiking or boating. Quality gear ensures comfort even during stormy conditions, allowing uninterrupted outdoor pursuits like fishing.

  • Layers: Layer up for exceptionally cold fishing expeditions such as winter steelhead or ice fishing. Opt for versatile polar fleece in varying thicknesses for added warmth. Essential items include sweatpants and fleece pullovers to combat the chill.

  • Heavy Jacket: In the harshest climates, a heavy down or synthetic jacket is indispensable. Even in milder conditions, it serves as a vital safeguard during extended boat rides or unexpected temperature drops. If space permits, always pack one for added protection.

  • Insulated Hat and Gloves: While some may prefer bare-handed fishing, fingerless glove options ensure dexterity when needed. An insulated beanie or hat is crucial for maintaining head warmth amidst cold winds."
  • Wool or Synthetic Socks and Undergarments: Pack ample extra socks and underwear to counter prolonged exposure to rain, even with waterproof outerwear. Wool and synthetic fabrics retain warmth even when wet and dry swiftly. Always carry a spare set in a dry bag for emergencies—better safe than sorry!

  • Cool, Sun-Protective Attire: Fishing in warm climates often involves enduring long, scorching days under direct sunlight. Guard against potential burns, exhaustion, dehydration, and heat stroke by covering up. Opt for lightweight, long-sleeved synthetic shirts with ample ventilation to stay cool and shield your skin from the sun's rays. Pair these with durable synthetic pants that dry swiftly if you find yourself wading in water.

  • Face Protection Essentials: In harsh climates, safeguarding your face is paramount. Always carry a bandanna, UV Buff, or similar face covering, even if it remains draped around your neck. Bonus: dampening it in water offers instant relief from sweltering heat.

  • Water-Friendly Footwear: Invest in high-quality wading shoes to shield your feet and prevent slips on rocky terrains while navigating lakes, rivers, or the ocean. Closed-toe options designed for wading are ideal, though sandals suffice for boat-based fishing.

  • Sun-Resistant Headwear: Choose a sun-protective hat to minimize glare, enabling better visibility of fish or underwater structures while shielding your face, neck, and ears from harmful UV rays. Opt for full-brimmed hats for superior coverage compared to baseball-style caps.

  • Sun Gloves: Often overlooked, protecting your hands is crucial to avoid severe burns during prolonged sun exposure. Invest in fingerless sun gloves—a cost-effective solution to safeguard your skin during extended fishing trips.

  • Compact Rain Gear: Unpredictable storms are commonplace in many summer or tropical fishing locales. Be ready for sudden downpours with a lightweight, packable rain jacket, ensuring you stay dry and focused on fishing instead of seeking shelter.


  • Camera and/or GoPro: We have amazing scenery and wildlife so it’s always nice to bring home great pictures! You’ll also want to have lots of pictures with your trophy fish where our guides can show you the proper way to handle them for the ideal shot.
  • Medications: Ensure you have an ample supply of your medications by filling your prescriptions in advance. Remember to pack them in your carry-on luggage if you're flying to avoid any issues in case your checked bags get lost.

  • Travel-sized Toiletries: Simplify your packing process by using clear travel bottles to carry shampoo, body wash, mouthwash, and other essentials. Pre-filling these bottles is not only more convenient but also cost-effective compared to purchasing individual travel-size containers. We also offer soap, shampoo, and conditioner at the lodge free of charge!

  • Sunscreen and Lip Balm: Regardless of the climate, always pack sunscreen and lip balm to shield your skin and lips from harmful UV rays during extended outdoor activities. Even on cloudy days, prolonged exposure can lead to sun damage.

  • Insect Repellent: Don't let pesky bugs spoil your trip. Opt for a reliable insect repellent containing 100% DEET and use it sparingly to keep insects at bay without over application.

  • Compact First Aid Kit: Stay prepared for minor emergencies by carrying a small first aid kit. Stocked with essentials like bandages, alcohol swabs, gauze, medical tape, pain relievers, antihistamines, and antibiotic ointment, it's invaluable for treating cuts, scrapes, insect bites, headaches, and other common outdoor mishaps.

  • Travel Documents: Avoid last-minute panic by ensuring you have all necessary travel documents, including your passport, visas, and any other required paperwork for international trips. Double-checking these essentials before leaving home will save you from unnecessary stress at airports or border crossings.

If you require fishing equipment from our tackle shop, please make us aware of this well in advance of your trip. You can do so by contacting us directly or by indicating this on your guest information form under “Special Requests”.
We recommend a 6 ½’ medium/heavy action rod, spooled with 14 – 20 lb. line for both Pike and Lake Trout. Jigging for Walleye or casting for Arctic Grayling can be done with a 6’ light/medium action rod, spooled with 6 – 8 lb. line. Heavy-duty leaders are a must for the “toothy Pike”, at least 12” in length. These are available at our tackle shop.

Fly Fisherman, an 8 – 10 weight rod for Pike and Lake trout and a 4 weight will do fine for Arctic Grayling.
Our personal favourite is the Johnson Silver Minnow and #5 Mepps red/white for Pike. Daredevils and Len Thompson spoons are great (colours being red/white, five of diamonds, fire tiger). Assorted crank-baits, spinner-baits, buzz-baits, heavy jigs, jigging spoons are all recommended as well. Small Mepps spinners for the Grayling work well.

The gear and tackle you bring may be dependent on time of year and your species of choice, so if you have any questions, call us…we love to talk fishing!

Reindeer Lake is a catch and release lake, meaning the use of barbless hooks are mandatory.

If you happen to forget anything or couldn’t fit it in your bag due to weight restrictions, don’t worry, we have everything you may need at the lodge. There is a tackle shop with a wide selection of our best lures and rental setups, a clothing store just in case you need some warm clothing or want to bring home a souvenir for your loved ones, we have confectionary items and hygiene items for sale at our store and a fully stocked bar for the drink of your choice. Our staff will treat you like family as we want you to be comfortable and feel as though you claimed a piece of paradise to call your own.